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Business Web Design

At Blue Rain Information Technology we believe that every business, deserves a top-quality, professional looking, interesting, easy to navigate and vibrant website that truly reflects the image of the business.
Unlike some other companies, we don't work with a limited amount of templates - every one of our websites is uniquely developed for each individual business.
Business websites come in all shapes and sizes, and range from the very good to the downright bad. By working with you, Blue Rain Information Technology ensures that your business receives a great value, quality website and an on-going support service.

The First Visit
At first we will visit your business and sit down to discuss exactly what you would like to see in your website. We have lots of ideas that we have gained from our experience in designing previous sites and our extensive research, but our objective is to ensure your website provides exactly what you want from it.
Also the first visit will give us a chance to take digital photographs. Every website is enhanced by the careful use of photographs. If you already have actual photographs that you would like to include on your website, we can happily scan them for you.

Website Layout
After the visit, we will produce a detailed summary of everything we have discussed. This report will give you an idea of the finished design of your site, it will show you the layout of the site, what the individual web pages will be called, where they will be and will serve as a reminder of the content that you have agreed to provide.
Whilst Blue Rain Infomation Technology can put together your site in terms of design and layout, a lot of the content (i.e. the actual 'words' on the pages) will need to be written by persons from your business.
During the first visit, we will agree with you exactly who is going to provide us with this content.

Web Hosting and Domain Names
We create your unique address on the Internet, you can use the name of your company or organisation, such as If you already have a web address you can use that too. We will host your website for you.

Save yourself the trouble of sending out large quantities of documentation. Instead, put brochures, product information etc. in the format of your choice (usually Adobe PDF files) on your website so they can be easily downloaded.

Google Maps
A map showing your location is automatically included in your package - so your visitors can easily find you.

Email Addresses
Set up e-mail addresses corresponding to your Internet address, such as, or If you already have an existing e-mail address you can keep using it and simply redirect to it.

Flash Movies / You Tube Videos
Let your website come alive: Integrate videos from YouTube and other movies or games in the Flash format.

Quality Assurance
Once you have provided all the necessary content for the website, and once we have incorporated it into the site and made it 'live', you can have a period to check through everything and make sure it is complete and accurate. Any errors or omissions or modifications can be passed to us, and we will change it accordingly. You might want to get other staff, or school governors, to check through the site with you so they, too, begin to get familiar with the web.

Search Engine Registration
On your behalf, Blue Rain Information Technology will submit your site details to the top free Search Engines in the expectation that you will eventually get added to their databases. This will save you having to bother.

Future Updates
It is vitally important that your website, once live, remains up-to-date. There is nothing worse than seeing a website that has not been updated for months, even years. Web surfers are fickle people - if they visit your website a second time and see that it is out of date, they will not visit again. Included with our website package is a whole year of updates. This means that, at any time, you can send updated information to us and we will amend your website accordingly.
After the end of the first year, the vast majority of our clients choose to retain us (at a very modest fee) to continue looking after the website for future years. They're so pleased with the service we provide, and they simply don't have to worry about having the skills and time to update the website themselves.

Our First Class Service
At Blue Rain Information Technology we pride ourselves on providing a first class service to our customers, which always includes after care and on-going support. This is one of the reasons why our existing customers are so happy to recommend us.

You, too, could have a business website from just £400!

For information, or to discuss any aspects of the services detailed above, don't hesitate to call Amanda on 079 235 96999.