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Graphic Design

Getting off to a good start with the right logo design is crucial to the success of any business and with over 20 years experience in graphic design, you have come to the right place to start your business off.

At Blue Rain Information Technology we focus carefully on creating an identity which is memorable and not only represents the values of your business, but speaks to your target audience. Every aspect of your design is important, from the type style; to the colour; down to the very last detail. Care will be taken to craft the elements that make up your identity and once agreed, the design will be executed carefully and consistently across all aspects of your brand.

Part of your image is also conveyed in the proposals you submit, the letters you write, and in your advertising and promotions. This part of your image deals with company graphics (logo) and it is an important element.

Major companies spend considerable sums of money to get their 'graphic image' impressed into our memories. Luckily, it does not have to cost you very much to get your own image designed.

Blue Rain Information Technology can help create your company logo, letterheads, compliments slips, business cards and other stationery, that doesn't necessarily involve the expense of using external printers and at the lowest possible cost.

These days, most of us have personal computers. These are often accompanied by relatively cheap printers that can produce very good results, even in full colour. An excellent way of keeping costs right down is to print your own stationery from your own PC. All you need is to buy a small stock of good quality paper (including blank business cards that you can now buy) and the appropriate printer consumables such as inkjet cartridges.

The most important thing here is to have the documents (your letterhead, compliments slips, business cards, etc.) created for you using whichever DTP or word processing software that you have on your own PC. Applications such as Microsoft Word or Publisher are very popular, and most of us have these on our computers. At Blue Rain Information Technology we are experts in producing stationery for small organisations and start-up businesses.

Firstly, we will take your ideas for your logo and create the graphic image electronically, in full colour. We will consider all possible uses of your logo, ensuring that it is suitable for printed copy as well as for electronic use, such as publishing on a web site.

Secondly, we will produce your company letterheads, compliment slips, business cards, and any other stationery items you might want, using the appropriate software such as Microsoft Word.

Finally, and most importantly, we will give you the source of all these documents once they are completed. This means that you personally will possess the actual graphic files and Word/Publisher files for you to put on your own PC. Thereafter, you can open the files yourself and print them off at any time.

This also has the benefit of keeping stocks of stationery down, since you can produce small amounts of items as they are required. Also, when any changes are required, amendments can be made quickly and easily and no money has been wasted on stockpiles of now out-of-date stationery.

Blue Rain Information Technology will be delighted to help with any of your enquiries. Even if you do have the need for large volumes of company stationery, or you do not own your own PC or printer, we can liaise with external printers on your behalf.

We have already provided this service to many of our existing customers. Our aim is to provide a quick, complete and worry-free solution to the stationery needs of any small business.

For information, or to discuss any aspects of the services detailed above, don't hesitate to call Trevor on 07854 558 286.